Implementing the lessons learnt about child abuse: Stage 400

Towards the end of your Stage 300 year at University, one starts to consider whether or not they wish to do Honours the following year. A prospective candidate will consider whether or not their Grade Point Average will be up to the task – they would looking at a G.P.A. of generally 4.5* or better. They will also consider whether or not they are prepared to have no social life for the better part of a year and that the months of September and October will generally revolve around completing a hefty amount of course work including the Honours project.  In the case of this mock degree with/out Honours in implementing the lessons of child abuse. At Stage 400 Parenting (PAR), Society (SOC), Justice (JUS)and Social Policy (SOP)merge to become Beating Child Abuse (BCA).

BCA Honours Year Course List

If you achieve BCA(Hons), congratulations. You should probably be working in the Ministry of Social Development, an N.G.O. dedicated to children’s wellbeing, youth justice or perhaps considering the police force. Maybe you will go to Parliament and launch a political crusade against child abuse. Certainly you have shown you have considerable academic talent. If you did not BCA(Hons), I hope your experience was worthwhile and that you will take away some useful knowledge and experience.

*Based on University of Canterbury G.P.A. assessment method


That ends the mock degree. I never did a Masters or a PhD so I have no idea what the process for that would be like. And if you got this far through BCA(Hons), chances are you could figure it out in your head anyway.

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