Concerns I have about the Government of John Key

As Prime Minister of New Zealand it is my task to represent New Zealand on the world stage, to extol the virtues of being a New Zealander and to get the best possible deal for the country. I am determined to present New Zealand in the best possible light whilst being honest about our short comings, and endeavouring to correct them where ever and whenever I can.

Nice words indeed. Unfortunately the reality of John Key as Prime Minister, like former Prime Minister Helen Clark before him, is somewhat different.

And no, I don’t say this as a person who will probably never vote National. I say it as a person disillusioned with the antics of the big two parties in New Zealand. In my previous post you saw what I said I would do if was Andrew Little, Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition. To balance that out, it is time to know what I think the Prime Minister of this great country Aotearoa/New Zealand should be doing, as opposed to what he actually is doing.

Recently the Prime Minister dragged New Zealand into a war even National’s closest political ally A.C.T., which is an even bigger supporter of all things American – good and bad – was not overly enthused about. Is that not a little bit concerning, that our main centre-right party is just assuming without checking that New Zealanders actually want to be a part of this war? Does New Zealand want to be part of “the club”?

Is it not a little bit concerning – actually quite alarming if you ask me – that Mr Key does not seem to think New Zealanders should see the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement before it gets signed off? Do we as taxpayers who pay his salary not deserve to know how the biggest trade agreement in history – if it gets signed – will impact on our day to day lives?

If you are trying – and probably struggling like most – to get onto the property ladder using your modest financial means to fund the biggest purchase of your life, does the refusal of this Government to do anything directly (other than muck around with the Resource Management Act, which is another problem all on its own)to cool the property market not irk you?

And what about the introduction of charter schools to our communities – schools that have tax payer funding, but no standards to abide by, set curricula that must be taught or vetting of their teachers? Any parent seriously wants their child to be the best they can, and to be able to provide the best they can. How is a school with no proper curricula going to do that?

And finally, why is the social experiment that National started in post-earthquake Christchurch still going? The city has suffered enough to last those such as myself who still live there a life time. I am talking about the closure of schools, the loss of democracy at Environment Canterbury and the poor performance of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

You see. Here is the thing about Prime Minister John Key. He has charisma. When he first became leader of the National Party, I remember saying to Dad that we were looking at the next Prime Minister. And he wowed the key elements of New Zealand that his predecessor alienated – the mothers and Maori, among others. He had tactical nous that Dr Don Brash lacked, not least an understanding that the centre part of centre-right is just as important as the right part of centre-right.

Labour lost the 2008 election because National had rejuvenated. It had found someone who could appeal to the full spectrum of voters. Granted it came to power in the midst of the global financial crisis, nine years of relatively austere governance had worn down Helen Clark. Granted Mr Key could not possibly have foreseen the double financial whammy of South Canterbury Finance collapsing three days before the Canterbury/Christchurch earthquake sequence began, the constant rhetoric about a surplus is old. Yes, Mr Key had a hard hand dealt with all this, but he has had six year to deal with it.

Blaming Labour for everything is getting old. Grow up.

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