So so close, yet so so far

Oh dear New Zealand. So, so close to the holy grail itself and yet so, so far from it – for at least another four years. In a sport where we have more ups and downs than the barometer recording air pressure outside does, we never doubted it would be a hard ride once we got into the finals stage. We smashed the West Indies in a batting blizzard no one could have really foreseen and which even Chris Gayle was probably surprised by. We tripped, got up again, tripped some more and yet still managed to bring down South Africa in a game that most thought was theirs to lose after the Duckworth Lewis system kicked in. No one doubted Australia on their home turf would be the toughest assignment of the lot. No one doubted that the Black Caps would have to play out of their skin to win this, even though that is what they have been doing the entire tournament – raising the bar one game at a time.

You taught us heaps. You taught us to dream. You showed us the real meaning of humility. You taught us all that a professional cricket player should be about – the sport, the fans, having some fun when the papers and the television are filled with so much bad stuff. You will take awhile to get over the agony of losing. The media might well give you heaps, but nothing can detract from the fact that you gave it your absolute all. Nothing can detract from the fact that you managed to get New Zealand cricket into uncharted waters of the best possible kind.

So, thank you Brendon, Kane, Tim, Trent, Ross, Corey, Luke, Matt, Grant, Adam and Dan. You did us proud. You do us proud and you will continue to do us proud.

Finally. Congratulations must go to the bogey man team of New Zealand. Once again Australia you have shown us what it takes to win a Cricket World Cup Final being played on home turf. The post I wrote a few weeks ago in the aftermath of the Eden Park roller coaster ride was written with the nervous giddiness that comes from pulling of something epic, filled with tension, filled with fear comes to mind, but as Cricket World Cup winners you deserve a bit more than that. And so, after some thought about how to write this post, I decided just this once (and grating against my inner conscience)to post a photo of the Australian team lifting the trophy.

Michael will probably never see this and it pains me as a New Zealand cricket supporter to be posting it, but the final word (or in this case, photo)is for all intents and purposes Australia’s.

Australia Win CWC 2015

Until next time.

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