Protecting our marine environment

We love our oceans. From across their vast waters came both the Maori who settled New Zealand between about 800-1000AD and the settlers who settled New Zealand. There also came the wave of British post war wave of refugees fleeing a desolate continent. We delight in racing yachts, catching fish, surfing, swimming amonst other activities. But how well do we understand those waters, the ecosystem underneath and its importance to this maritime nation? And what can New Zealanders do to reduce the impact of our environmental failures.

The short answer is we as a nation do NOT understand our marine ecosystem and its considerable importance any more than any other nation on the planet.

We do not understand the cost of acidification causing coral reefs to die out, the fact that this is already happening. The bleaching of the Australian Great Barrier reef is the excess in the carbon component  Increasingly large ships with their ability to track down are seeking to undermine a host of small towns.So, who will pay for the clean up and make sure that the reactors never suffered a “I need to be getting out of here, moment”.

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