New Zealand not Saudi Arabia of milk – or anything else

The Prime Minister thinks we are the Saudi Arabia of milk.

So John Key, are you saying we are the equivalent of a country that condones animal rights abuse as flagrantly as it condones human rights abuse?

That criminal loss of sheep that occurred on a rich Saudi businessman’s ship because he could not be bothered giving them the basic necessities of life, says a lot about how Saudi Arabia views animal rights. Very often it is those who mistreat animals who go on to ultimately mistreat human beings. In the context of international diplomacy there seems to be substantial truth in that theory as well.

Likewise the flogging of a blogger named Raif Badawi who is 50 lashes into a 1,000 lash punishment for having a blog critical of the Saudi Arabian Government, says a lot about how Saudi Arabia views human rights. Raif has his human writes – err, rights – as I have mine, which are being exercised writing this letter. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with that.

John Key does not like Islamic State beheadings. Horrible things, yes they are. But so are the beheadings of people in Saudi Arabia, the nation he thinks we are when it comes to milk. Like any other form of execution it is a dark age method of punishment unbecoming of any nation in the 21st Century. And those sheep that died presumably from dehydration must have felt like they were being beheaded too.

I am Raif. I am those sheep.

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