Sheep-gate a blemish on New Zealand animal rights

Today a One News report revealed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs agreed to a Saudi Arabian businessman’s demand to delete rules regarding the welfare and treatment of export animals after they have been disembarked in the country of arrival.

I am not one to generally say much about animal rights, but I will say this much now:

It is quite unbecoming of a first world nation like New Zealand which prides itself on how it treats animals to be ceding to the demands of a foreign businessman with no understanding or interest in New Zealand other than it supporting a sheep farm venture. To agree to repeal provisions from rules set for the welfare of export animals because one businessman believes that they are hurting his business, when he should be – as much for the animals sake as that of his business – providing them food, water, living conditions that prevent them from overheating or dehydrating

It is a blemish because I honestly thought a New Zealand Government Minister, despite Ministers of this Government constantly lowering my expectations, would be above this kind of wimpish caving in. I honestly thought that they would be above this kind of deal doing, knowing it would be hugely harmful were it to surface.

And now it has. Now the New Zealand sheep and beef industry have to wear the consequences of the actions of one incompetent Minister, who perhaps should consider standing down for a time, until the dust settles. I doubt though, given the Prime Ministers view that New Zealand is the Saudi Arabia of agriculture, that any such action will be forth coming.

Our loss.

R.I.P. 5,000 sheep

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