An alternative budget

Over the last few months I have been thinking about an alternative budget for New Zealand. I have been thinking about what I think the socio-economic priorities need to be and what financial assistance they might need. From my previous blog posts it is, or should be by now, obvious that I am not a fan of this Government. The general failure of this Government, like the Labour one before it to significantly improve the socio-economic status of New Zealand and New Zealanders, proves a long held theory of mine that neither large party has or intends to develop a long term plan for improving New Zealand. It also disproves the National party claim that they are good managers of the economy. With that in mind, here is my alternative budget:

  • Introducing a capital gains tax on secondary properties (ones lived for less than six months per year) – nearly all countries in the O.E.C.D. have one; this would be around the median
  • Establish a long term debt repayment plan for national debt
  • More funding to tackle corporate fraud, corporate tax evasion and assist with compliance
  • Desisting with the sale or partial sale of further state assets

Outside of improving New Zealand’s fiscal situation

  • Investigating the legalization of cannabis for medical purpose – this would help reduce the number of people going to jail and also possibly be a source of additional revenue
  • Restore Department of Conservation funding to 2008 levels – with consolidation of existing programmes being the priority
  • Funding investigative work into a long term e-waste recycling/re-use programme
  • Ending the Roads of National Significance and giving higher priority to maritime and rail transport for freight – no new money would be allocated
  • Restoring and increasing government funding for Womens Refuge, Rape Crisis and establishing a male specific domestic/sexual violence organization similar to Womens Refuge
  • Investigating how much revenue would be lost with view to removing G.S.T. on fresh fruit and vegetables

This is based on the knowledge that there is only about N.Z.$1.5 billion in free money that can be allocated. It is done with a view that stale governance has led to a dearth of more original policy. Keeping debt in check is a priority, but it should not strangle the creation of jobs or damage the principles on which our society is established. More ideas about spending priorities can form as a national blue print for making New Zealand the best nation of its geographical size in the world evolves.

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