A great big gay rainbow over the United States of America

When New Zealand passed the Marriage (Definition of Marriage)Act  in April 2013, there were a number of rather witty speeches given. Some came from unexpected quarters, and others were from proponents of the legislation. But one, by Member of Parliament for Pakuranga, Maurice Williamson especially hit home. The morning of the final debate in Parliament, it had been raining heavily in his electorate and as the rain cleared there was a magnificent rainbow, which in his speech that night he referred to as a “big gay rainbow over Pakuranga”.

But this is not about New Zealand. This is about the fact that the Supreme Court of the United States of America has seen fit to make same sex marriage legal in all 50 states of the Union. This is something I thought might be another generation or two away and involve innumerable court challenges (probably now only a matter of days or weeks away, as the states of the rust belt, which I think of sometimes as the God and Guns belt, as well as the proponents and opponents square off in support of their morals. But there is no doubt that right same sex marriage proponents have won a huge victory, and with out further ado:








2 thoughts on “A great big gay rainbow over the United States of America

  1. No it is not ‘gay’, it in face sad. Human civilisation will rue the day that they allowed this to happen. ‘Gay” is social construct. The have Civil Union for persons of the same biological sex.
    In Adopted families there will be girls without a female mother and boys without a male father – how can we allow this to happen to our youngsters.


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