Dear Tim (Minister of Trade)

Dear Mr Groser

I am writing this out of deep concern that I and my fellow New Zealanders are not being told the truth about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement that I understand final negotiation for are set to happen in Hawaii in the week starting 27 July 2015.

What is so hard about releasing the text of the agreement to the public if this agreement is as good as you say?

We hear that concerns about Pharmac are irrelevant. Yet you do nothing to justify that, like show evidence that Pharmac will not be harmed. This is something big for me, as my blood pressure control is contingent on being able to pay for medication that Pharmac subsidizes. I cannot ignore this.

We hear concerns, which no one in a position to do so appears to have made an honest effort to deny, that an investor state dispute settlement mechanism means corporations may be able to sue the Governments of sovereign nations for passing laws that they perceive as threatening their profits – whether or not they actually do is another thing altogether. An example of this is Philip Morris attempting to sue the Australian Government for its attempts to deal with the socio-economic effects of tobacco.

Prime Minister John Key famously said sometime ago that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

So why is National hiding the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement? Has the Government instructed any major media outlet to not report on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement – the only coverage stems from protests and does not seek to find out why the protests are occurring.

If it was really that good, you would have told us by now. So why have you not?

Yours Sincerely

Robert Glennie
Concerned New Zealand Citizen

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