Introducing T.I.S.A. (Trade in Services Agreement)

We know about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, something that is being subject to daily coverage in the media, because of the growing political backlash against it and the current gathering of corporate executives in Hawaii to negotiate the final text. What people do not know is that there is another, even bigger and just as problematic agreement being negotiated which is called the Trade in Services Agreement (T.I.S.A.). This agreement encompasses dozens of nations which are spread across every continent except Africa.

The purpose of T.I.S.A. is to free up the trade in global services, be they health, judicial, social or otherwise and was first proposed by the United States. New Zealand is a participant in the negotiations for this agreement. T.I.S.A. is particularly relevant because it would make it easier for companies such as Serco to obtain Government service contracts as they currently have around the world.

As very little has been mentioned about T.I.S.A. around the world except as a result of leaks from sources such as Wikileaks, it may be assumed that people were not supposed to know. This – as with the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement – is a major problem because the text is probably therefore sealed (supposedly)until either five years after the agreement has been signed or five years from the ending of negotiations, by which time one can probably assume the full effects (good or bad are being felt).

On a side note, this explains why Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley thinks Serco is fit for providing social services. They would be benefactors of this deal.

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