A rare tribute to National

There are not many days in which I am impressed with the New Zealand National Party. Aside from being a party I am philosophically opposed to in the long run, National is a is not a party that on a broad day to day level that I support or would want in Government. But today I saw an act approaching what I believe to be common sense, and I want to applaud National for doing it.

I am a pub goer as are many thousands of others. We like to have a pint of beer or glass of wine. Maybe a shandy or a shot. As adults we claim to know our limits – or have at least given some thought as to what they might be. We are out to have a good time and enjoy 80 minutes of footy and maybe have another pint after that. None of us come into a bar or restaurant whatever and where ever it might be with the intention of causing disruption. At least I certainly hope not. At the end of the game in the hopefully same civilized manner we came in, we hope to move on or have that extra pint/glass I was talking about. But we did not come to cause trouble. And that is probably – certainly hopefully – 90-95% of bar patrons nation wide accounted for just like that.

If you start a fight at the door of the bar, yes they can be held accountable because it happened at their door as opposed to two kilometres down the road and whatever you might have drunk in the interim. Now, if you start a fight those two kilometres down the road, having been removed from the bar because they were concerned about your conduct and you left their premises, whose problem is it then? The bar can’t be blamed for that fight two kilometres down the road.

It is not every day I call National to take a bow, but this is one. You have done something that I support and although you are not my party of choice – or probably ever will be, I am as a fair minded New Zealander obliged to give credit where it is due. Well done.

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