Scaremongering by U.S. Consulate not helpful

America is a nation that says it supports freedom and democracy. It is a nation that says it wants the best for all peoples around the world regardless of religions, skin colour or other denominator. It says that freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association are all things to uphold and protect.

And it is quite right to say so. Except that just yesterday, the United States Consulate in Auckland issued advice to Americans living in New Zealand to stay away from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement protest in Auckland (and probably the others set down nation wide for today). This is as true as it is incredible. The same advisory bulletin identified the potential for a terrorist attack in Auckland.

Seems to me that someone in a high position is getting very rattled by the anti-Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement stand of New Zealanders. I have trouble understanding why an official branch of the Government of said freedom loving America would sanction such blatantly scaremongering advice to Americans in New Zealand who are quite capable of making their own minds up. Maybe just to show the Consulate how out of tune they are, the protest tomorrow in Auckland should go past their doors.

And this post was written for no other purpose than to say that scaremongering does not make allies, gives people reason to be suspicious of ones intents and for the most part should be discouraged. Including at Government level. ESPECIALLY at Government level.

Enjoy your Saturday stroll and chant. Listen to some good speakers and go home a better person.


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