Right Wing Resistance unwelcome but necessary voice

In a democratic nation such as New Zealand anyone can form a political party or political movement. Anyone can belong to a political party or movement – I belong to New Zealand First, the fourth largest party in Parliament. I have friends who are Green, Labour, Mana and National supporters – despite our differences in political standpoints, all power to them for being interested and concerned enough about where they think New Zealand is going as a nation to make their voice be heard. We have the Communist Party of Aotearoa New Zealand and we have the Right Wing Resistance. Both are ideological opposites, but both are entitled to their voice under New Zealand law.

It is not to say that I have time for the Right Wing Resistance. I despise their race based politics. I despise the uniforms that they wear because they far too closely resemble the uniforms of Nazi-era Germany, a period of time that many New Zealanders went to war to fight. I despise the whole notion on which they are founded, but were Right Wing Resistance to be some how outlawed, one would find a group of people quite disaffected with how New Zealand treats them in their adopted nation.

The Right Wing Resistance claim to be a nationalist party and say that they understand New Zealand First’s political stand point, of putting New Zealand and New Zealanders first, which they really do not. New Zealand First is about the wellbeing of all New Zealanders regardless of race, gender or other identifying characteristic. To back this point up, one needs to look no further that the diversity of Members of Parliament that the New Zealand First Party has fielded – Indian, Maori, Samoan, among others. Perhaps Right Wing Resistance are a nationalist party, but if they are, they would be what I call a “hard nationalist” party more aligned with foreign parties such as Front National (French National Front) and Golden Dawn (Greece). New Zealand First is a “soft nationalist” party, in that it accepts ethnic and religious diversity, and does not view immigrants as a threat, which the aforementioned “hard nationalist” parties tend to.

I know many New Zealanders, not originally born in New Zealand who make outstanding contributions to the country, and I am proud to call them friends. They are New Zealanders because they have adopted New Zealand as home, and accept and uphold New Zealand ideals. They appreciate sacrifices made for our freedoms. Whether they are from China or from the United States, India or elsewhere, they are welcome. They are New Zealanders.

So are the Right Wing Resistance members. As much as it grates against my conscience to say so, they are contributing tax paying citizens. Some of the members of this community have been seen running soup kitchens for the needy. Many of them are hold down full time jobs and pay tax. Does that justify them committing what many New Zealanders including myself consider to be xenophobia? Of course not, but being subject to New Zealand laws and customs, they have a right to be heard.

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