New Zealand needs to lift its game regarding migrants

This post is a bit more direct than normal. It is because I think the West needs to learn some simple lessons, that they either cannot or will not. And those lessons need to be written down in simple, blunt language. They have not changed. One might reasonably wonder then why I am posting at all instead of directing you to those earlier posts, but the answer is simple. To understand them you need to have context, which may or may not have already been achieved. Whether it has or not, this is to dispel any misconceptions.

There are several major misconceptions with refugees in New Zealand. I want to blow them all out of the water because they are wrong on many different levels.

The first myth is that we exceed our quota. We do not. And in fact some years we do not even meet our quota. Whilst we are not meeting our existing quota, how people can say we let too many in is beyond me.

The second myth is that refugees and asylum seekers are bad. Amnesty International New Zealand has documented the arrival of refugees from around the world in New Zealand, and found few things could be further from the truth. That said, I do concede that prior to their release from the Mangere facility into the community, every refugee needs to be absolutely aware of what New Zealand reasonably expects of them. They need to understand among other things that in New Zealand the police CAN by and large be trusted – and should be; that we do not encourage domestic violence and that it will be frowned upon.

The third myth is that refugees take jobs. Many of the jobs they take are jobs that ordinary New Zealanders flat refuse to do. When I go to a Z station, I almost never get greeted by a person of European descent at the till. Whether it is the graveyard shift at a 24/7 service station, or filling check out jobs at Pak N Save, the number of people not of European descent in those jobs – Indians, Pakistani’s, Pacific Islanders have taken them. Well done to them for realizing the situation for what it is.

These people all end paying taxes like we do. They all end up being subject to the same laws as we are. Compared to Afghanistan where being a woman is almost a crime in itself, and where one can basically forget about a legitimate rape complaint getting a favourable outcome, women here are doing well. It is not to say we should not do better, because we can and we must, but how many Afghan women can go to school, hold jobs and be respected for what they are by their fellow human beings?

It is this simple:

Until we as Westerners stop arming and sanctioning the despots that rule these nations who send so many refugees our way, we can forget about taking back our nations, however legitimately we might want to. The refugees exist because we are arming governments that hate them.

Simple as that.

Deal with it.

1 thought on “New Zealand needs to lift its game regarding migrants

  1. This article heading is incorrect, but I won’t change it because it is already live.

    It should have read:

    “New Zealand needs to lift its game regarding refugees”

    Apologies for the error.


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