War on Terrorism just a general war

The United States led War on Terrorism no longer exists. A general war for the sake of having a bloody scrap with no clear objectives is the new deal. Let us not worry about the fact that Saudi Arabia is the single biggest sponsor of terrorism, surpassing even Iran. Let us not worry about the fact that the nation that was the “Arsenal of Democracy” in World War 2 funds and arms Saudi Arabia and thinks its despotic regime are great mates.

U.S. Republican Presidential candidates thump their chests and go on about how they are going to destroy Daesh. They go on and on about rolling out the heavy bombers, about putting troops back on the ground, about turning the sand into glass. And yet these are probably the same Presidential nominees who would turn a blind eye to funds and arms going to Saudi Arabia if it will keep their sponsors in that God awful military industrial complex happy. Are the Democrats any better? Probably not.

That is fine with Russia. Whilst the U.S. funds and arms Saudi Arabia, the Kremlin sees it as a chance to fund and arm their own clients, some of whom are arch foes of Saudi Arabia. Syria is turning into a great testing ground for all the new Russian weapons systems that might have otherwise have stayed in Russia for the duration of their operational life. It is a chance for the Russian miliary to see its new anti-aircraft missiles, aircraft and ordnance being used in action.

No one in a position to stop them cares a jot about the fact that Russian bombs are being deliberately dropped in civilian areas of Syrian towns and cities, such as Aleppo. Perhaps it is because Russian military doctrine has never terribly cared for civilian lives. Perhaps it is because as a permanent United Nations Security Council, Russia knows it has the power to veto resolutions that it does not consider to be in its favour – and does (like the other four hypocrites who make up the Permanent Five).

Let us not worry about France. Blinded by rage following the Paris attacks, and unable to conceive of the fact that its dreadful 100 year geopolitical experiment called Syria has come unstuck on along religious and ethnic lines, the French have been participating in the mayhem almost without a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing there – if anything.

And Britain. The nation that thought Iraq was a great name for Mesopotamia and drew a crude border through a myriad of ethnic groups, not caring how it affected them. The nation that used gas warfare and aerial bombardment to subjugate Iraq in 1920, of course Britain knows best. And like the French in Syria, unable and/or unwilling to recognize Iraq in its current form is finished.

And what about the poor Syrian family stuck in Aleppo with no way out? Bombed out of their home (now messy water filled – hole in the ground), with nothing other than the clothes on their back in pure survival mode – steal, fight, maybe even kill for food, medicine, water, whatever – and traumatised to the point their children have lost control of their faculties. They have seen man made hell first hand. They have seen people die in front of them, people’s livelihoods explode under the impact of bombs and shells. And yet, despite having had an active hand in manufacturing this hell, there are western politicians thousands of kilometres from Syria who think they are terrorists.

Yes. Of course I have nothing to worry about. The Western Governments are all correct about Syria and Iraq are they not? The West knows best according to that tunnel vision work of Francis Fukuyama called “End of History”. We should all congratulate ourselves on a splendid job.

Eh, poor family in Syria?

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