The problem with sex offenders

This is a subject I do not really like talking about because sex offenders have an unavoidable gravitas, no matter how old or minor their crimes are – be it rape or inappropriately commenting on or grabbing another persons private parts – but one I think people within limits need to be honest about.

So, one committed a sexual offence. For general purposes of this argument we will say it was rape. Aside being a completely horrendous crime, and whose future should be appropriately limited there are two sets of individual questions that need to be answered. It would be very easy to say that in reality there is only one set of questions to be answered, but what if an alleged rapist did NOT rape their alleged victim and that it was made up?

Here we have in my eyes a major problem. It is a fortunately very rare problem, but one or two cases exist in recent New Zealand history where someone has been falsely accused of rape and has gone so far as to try to prove it. I am not just talking about those who might have had cases where they perhaps were sexually assaulted and the wrong person got charged, but those that knew the person was innocent and yet faked a story that the Police took down, tried to assemble a case and then realized it was not even as strong as the paper on which the details were written. Very unfortunately such cases do exist. There are people who have faked a case to get out of dodgy circumstances entirely of their own making. My questions to you, the reader are two fold:

  • How does one compensate the person who was falsely incriminated?
  • How do you deal with someone who knowingly lied and then using those knowing lie/s dragged an innocent persons reptutation through the mud

For me the person whose life just got wrecked by false allegations deserves nothing less than a public apology from the Crown and from the Police. Any job s/he might have lost because of that non-conviction needs to be offered back, and a substantial sum paid out by the liar who wasted Police time. Nothing less will do.

For the person who just upended the other persons life, their liberty should be seriously curtailed for an equivalent length of time to that who was wrongfully accused.

And then, not least, there is the other problem. Those sex offenders who really did commit the crime, who have destroy the world of the person they attacked and whom I am convinced New Zealand society does NOT know how to appropriately punish. For me jail will only solve half the problem since at some point they will have done their time and be released back into society. We need to know that the victim/s, the most socially vulnerable cannot possibly be touched by the offender ever again. It is obvious that society has not addressed this problem, but it should and do so as fast as practicable. The restrictions and the enforcement methods clearly do not work.

So, what will?

A few things will work in combination, and include but are but not limited to:

  • A Government register of bracelets with 24 hour surveillance – unless disarmed by a Police officer or other official acting on Court orders, the bracelet activates an alarm when cut, snapped or otherwise damaged – for the rest of the offender/s natural lives
  • For convicted offenders who have done their time, a set of occupational circumstances with controls on their performance and that of their supervisors
  • Confiscation of passport, because if one is reviled this much in New Zealand for the right reasons, going to another country is out of the question
  • Daily reports to the Police at a set time

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