A monumental waste of time, money and effort

Over the last few weeks, younger New Zealand females – and some males – have been fixated with a programme called The Bachelor. It is a so called reality television series in which a number of young women compete to become the date partner of a guy who is said to be the most eligible bachelor in the country.

I will be blunt. The Bachelor to me is a monumental waste of time, money and effort. If the last episode of this season is the last one ever, New Zealand television will benefit. A bunch of 20-something women jostling for the attention of a guy who seems to be loaded with his own perceptions of brilliance does not interest me in the slightest – my reaction on hearing that there was an earthquake swarm under Mt Ruapehu on Friday was far more exciting.

All of the women want to win. Some will fake it to make, and should be on the first bus home (but probably will not be)for the sake of a story line that generates credible drama and they hope does not kill the programme through an overdose of boredom. Some came just to see how far they could push the envelope with officialdom. Some came – shock, horror – to actually do the programme that they were obligated to wind up.

Out of 5? 1 (ONE). Just avoid the damn thing. It has not helped my education and I doubt it will help yours either. Treat yourself to something you really deseerve.

Some of the women realise that this is turning out to be not  what they signed up (or thought they had)for and think they must be in damage control. Few seem to have any idea how or when a detente might be achieved. Because, does New Zealand and New Zealanders actually WANT The Bachelor and its ilk anywhere near New Zealand. Perhaps they do want to be genuinely crying because Naz went home early (or didn’t)to show their humanity to The Bachelor. Perhaps they are having a horrible time and have realized that they simply should not be there and have given up on the show.

To some extent we should feel a degree of sympathy. But there are plenty of people, some of whom might come across as socially awkward, but be perfectly nice people to date that could have been found with a bit of searching. Some people are also introverts and being bold and confident is simply not their style, so meeting someone might be a test of patience, albeit a hugely rewarding one should it succeed.

But at after 0200 in the morning, it is not something I should be worrying about, though I am single and needing a partner myself.

2 thoughts on “A monumental waste of time, money and effort

  1. Just another cheap ‘reality tv’ production, like the intermitabe cooking shows.
    I’m surprised that you even watched it Rob. The second sentence in your first paragraph sums up all one needs to know to reject it!


    • I didn’t watch an episode. I just read the near daily articles from the N.Z. Herald and came to the conclusion that there was enough there to write a blog without pressing the power button on the television.

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