Absence of responsibility harming this nation

I was in Northlands Shopping Centre several years ago when I happened upon one of a bunch of regular folk who I generally did not have much to do wiht, but who were always good for a three minute yarn about all and sundry. On this particular day after exchanging pleasantries he got down to the nuts and bolts of it – he wanted a rant people who could not and would not take responsibility for their own actions.

I have to say then this old gentleman – in his mid 60’s – had a point. He had just finished a shift at our local wildlife sanctuary where he had seen a boy in front of his parents mount a guard fence between them and the netting enclosing a tiger enclosure with two fully grown male Sumatran tigers on the other side of the netting. And the parents were not so much trying to get him out, though he got a rocket from them, as they were blaming Orana Park for the actions of a boy who probably should have known better, and whom they were ultimately responsible for.

I felt sorry for Orana Park. I really did. They had done all they resasonably could to make it safe – the tiger enclosure was behind a big strong netting fence that was open air, slanting inward and several metres high. The tigers had the run of the big area impounded by the netting. But someone had gone and blamed them for the actions of a person who should not have been Orana Park’s problem.Finishing this needs to bring some closure, but only those who were around for the ealy days.

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