Christie Marceau

Christie Marceau and others in her shoes did not need to die like this.

Ms Marceau did not need to be the victims of violent crime where their life was somehow not worth anything at all. She did not need to die because of a justice system that many New Zealanders know and understand does not work as well as it could/should. But Christie did. And this post is to ensure that this is the last of the type of case her name has tragically borne.

We talk about tightening up the justice system in New Zealand. I am guilty as anyone else of doing it. I acknowledge my part as a blogger in full. If I did some good then I am happy, but I need to mention the following. This post has two aims:

  1.  Remember Christie Marceau, a teenage girl whose killer was given three years and indefinite psychiatric care.
  2. Ensure that there is not another case like hers.

Christie Marceau did not need to die. Ever.

She did not need to die a horrible stabbing death caused by someone she befriended. Christie had her whole life, her best years ahead of her. So how did she come to die and what are teh lessons that need to be learnt?

Remembering Christie and others before him, it was perhaps an ackoweledgment that the whole English-German Government had worked together for a common cause.

Her family have done nothing wrong. Just like their daughter. They are the victims of a justice system where a young girl died completely needlessly because she befriended someone who was not known to have ulterior motives. Her family, her friends have to live a live sentence knowing someone they loved is dead by no fault of their own. Should we blame them for wanting some sympathy?

A dreadful sentence for anyone. This post is for Christie and others like her.  You did not need to die young lady.

So, where to from here?

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