Tax cuts not a good idea

So, there are suggestions that the N.Z.$1.8 billion surplus might be used to lower tax rates. Aside from not helping the vast majority of New Zealanders, there are a vast range of areas where N.Z.$1.8 billion surplus could be used.

The Opposition claim that National consider health to be an expenditure rather than an investment, which is how New Zealand First and others view it.Given that estimates of health under funding are as high as N.Z.$1.7 billion from one year to the next, one option could be to invest part of the surplus back into health. Kicking Coca Cola, and so forth out of school environments as well as hospitals and other medical facilities and the introduction of fruit, of filled rolls and sushi could be a much more appetizing would all help reduce problems faced by New Zealand society both in terms of cost and health.

Another idea would be to immediately fund the increase in Police that is necessary. However, this would have to be part of a long term plan, as I believe police need to make a bigger effort in dealing with organized crime. Catching the proceeds of the criminals dirty work and returning the money to its rightful owner would help reduce the allure of this type of offending, if it can be linked to heavy sentences involving loss of passport. The under funding of the Police is not new and has been going on for years, but the problems it is causing may just be coming to the surface now.

In terms of social welfare, establishing a disabled students fund to support the facilities and services that students need can be established. It would directly finance building access ramps and improving points of entry for students in wheelchairs, braille for blind students as well as

The long story made very short: Tax cuts are not a good idea. Especially after eight years of systemic under funding and the accompanying problems. Government departments have no more excess that they can prune off without starting to affect their core work as those businesses. Here and now would be a good place and time to acknowledge this.


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