Tribal Huk P war not credible

Tribal Huk President Jamie Pink gave methamphetamine dealers in Ngaruawahia a 24 hour deadline to leave town or his gang would physically evict them. The deadline came and went. Mr Pink himself says that following the expiry of the deadline, he and his gang sent 16 individual dealers packing. Mr Pink would carry a sledgehammer when evicting the dealers.

A few days later his car was shot at and he allegedly lost an eye. A few days later after being arrested, Mr Pink appeared in court Unfortunately being found in possession of two shotguns is not a minor offence and it sets a very negative example for the children who may see him as a good guy because he helps feed them. Telling the Police and Waikato Times staff to be careful can also be misinterpreted as a warning of violence if they get too deeply interested. This is a man who has done three separate stints in jail for serious violence and who has indicated that he and his gang will not hesitate to attack rivals in the street if they turn up in Ngaruawahia.

Ngaruawahia is a depressed town on the bank of the Waikato River, which used to be home for people working at  Huntly power station or in the coal mines feeding the power station. As the power station has become run centrally, fewer people have been needed at the power stations, and concerns about climate change a down turn in the coal market have made it difficult to find work in and around the town. Mr Pink and his gang have been doing good in the community with their sandwich making programme for hungry school kids. If he had desisted the urge to seek publicity over his threat to drive out the methamphetamine dealers and maybe expanded the lunch menu instead, it would have been deserving of positive media coverage, and might have encouraged sponsorship of the scheme.

More unfortunately, the Police Association says there is no evidence that any methamphetamine dealers in Ngaruawahia have left. The main cause of criminal activity in the township thus still exists.


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