A Trumpolution hits America

We will call it the Trumpolution. The phenomena, the revolution that is inspired by Donald John Trump, which tonight gave its creator something no other billionaire American has had before: the title of President Elect.

Whether you are a Donald Trump supporter or not, you cannot help but be staggered – positively or negatively depending on your view of him – by the victory he has pulled off. Against the combined might of the Republican Party mainstream trying to save itself, the Democrats trying to paint him as someone who will destroy America and his colourful history in hard catch up mode, Mr Trump has won the right to spend the next four years at least in the White House.

Before then he has some serious damage to undo, caused by his conduct on the campaign trail. This has however got off to a good start.

Mr Trump’s victory speech was surprisingly gracious for a man whose tongue has at times been quicker into gear than its owner’s brain. It needed to be, to placate what are no doubt very upset Democrats no doubt in a state of complete shock wondering how it came to this. It also bettered Hillary Clinton, who I understood at the time of writing this to have not shown up to meet the many supporters who would have wanted some acknowledgement of what they have had to endure.

Now for better or for worse, Mr Trump will, on 20 January United States Time take over as 45th President of the United States. He will inherit a nation with many problems, caused by the failure of mainstream politicians to work together for the common cause of America.

Will Mr Trump keep his word on the many promises that, for better or for worse, he has made:

  • Exit alliances with other nations that don’t pay their way
  • Kill the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
  • Build a wall on the Mexican border
  • Stop Muslim immigration until the true threat that they may (or may not)pose is established.

And many more. Will he apologize to the disabled reporter whose condition her mocked? Will he apologize – though it would be totally belated now – to Megyn Kelly for his treatment of her in the interview? Will he apologize to the Muslim and Latin American communities for making them appear as pariahs?

Or will he take the attitude of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who seems quite happy denigrating anyone who displeases him in the most humiliating way. Mr Duterte and Mr Trump have probably not met, but the similarities of their conduct are disturbing.

So, as we begin the lame duck period of President Barak Obama’s time in office – that few weeks from the Presidential Election to the arrival of Mr Trump on 20 January – the world watches nervously for clues on how he might conduct himself in the White House. Will he try to undo the damage done done by his predecessor by ceasing to fund and arm Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other nations whose regard for human rights and the rule of law is minimal? Will he take steps to demilitarize America’s police force and inject some sense of trust back into it?

Or will Mr Trump turn the land of the free into the Divided States of America?

One way or the other, we are going to find out.


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