A New Zealand First controlled Government in 2017?

After eight years of this National-led Government in office, it, like the Labour Government that preceded it has demonstrated it never had a vision for New Zealand. It never had a long term plan to address the socio-economic inequality that blights our development as a nation. It never had a plan to tackle worsening environmental indicators, and has largely taken the steps it had after putting down Opposition attempts to address them. It never intended to address the underlying causes of our crime such as the methamphetamine epidemic, the illegal guns coming into the country and the defunding of the Police force.

Why should a New Zealander looking at the last 18 years honestly want to vote for National or Labour? Why would they honestly think that another term with either of these parties at the helm is going to make New Zealand a better place for New Zealanders?
Why indeed? After all the old saying goes that doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different things each time is a form of insanity.

So perhaps it is time to look at another party, a third party that is not beholden to the right or the left. Perhaps it is time to look at another party that is not consumed by lovely slogans such as “A brighter future”, or Labour’s “Knowledge economy”, and then when they get into office, they have not a clue on how implement their promises, no idea about what policy changes are going to be needed. That third party is already in Parliament in New Zealand. That third party has 12 seats.

That third party is New Zealand First.

But rather than harp on about a party that I support, I am instead going to chart in the remaining space of this State of the Nation. I am going to look at the problems facing New Zealand and how I think it’s policy platform – which is what made me first join – is the best suited to sorting out this country’s problems. There are several reasons for liking the policy platform, but the policies themselves speak enough that, without further ado here are the best bits:

  • A pro rata superrannuation scheme. This scheme is not only quite sensible, it is also very fair. A person who works their entire career in New Zealand would be eligible for 100% of New Zealand superannuation; a person who has done say half their career as a working person, would get around 50% of New Zealand super and fund the rest from their earnings outside of New Zealand
  • The party has the best defence policy, balanced and recognizing the needs of all three services instead of focussing on one service or another as National and Labour have shown – and admitted – their preferences for
  • Sending major policy that has not been tied down in the Party Manifesto to a binding referendum helps acknowledge the need for democratic practices, something National and Labour have often paid lip service to, but for the most part ignored
  • It recognizes that environmental sustainability and economic development is a balancing act; that for the most part the Resource Management Act works if we would just leave the damn thing alone

And the two I like the most:

  • Exports – we need to diversify our export base and get into tech fields as well as developing niches
  • Science driven – the party considers Research and Development an investment and not an expenditure item

I want to see New Zealand First do well at this election. Other the options are not that great unless Labour revives in the next few months. I am done with same old, same old expecting different outcomes.

Are you?

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