Separating out the facts and fiction with Donald Trump

Donald Trump entered the White House to a media storm. That media storm had started with his sweeping of the Congress, Senate and the White House on 08 November 2016. It cranked up a notch every time a new policy was tweeted or a new nominee for a Cabinet or advisory position was announced and on 20 January 2017 it reached a crescendo.

But is the media doing its job?

It is true that the media have had good reason to not like Donald Trump since he became President. However they have a responsibility to act honestly and with integrity, lest the journalistic profession be brought into disrepute; lest the main conduct of information for the public stop working.

Will they always get it right? Of course not. There are many examples to back up where the media have missed the major facts behind an event.

Social media has had a field day on both sides of the divide. New meme’s pop up every day showing Mr Trump in either a God like or Demon like light. Few yet have popped up showing him in an honest analytical light – which might be asking a bit much, but it is well worth doing so nonetheless.

Since Mr Trump took the Oath on 20 January 2017 U.S. time, there has not been a single day when he has not been on the front page of the World section. There has not been a single day when he has not been a major feature in world news on television, on the radio or on the internet. With all that coverage, and much of it being decidedly negative the probability that some biased reporting has happened is pretty much a certainty.

Donald Trump has been deservedly excoriated on a number of issues, such as the temporary block on Muslims arriving from seven countries in the United States. The media has been a significant participant in this. Parts of the media have painted it as if it were a complete Muslim ban. Parts have painted it as a necessary and just action. But most of the media have missed as many people – both supporters and non supporters (like myself) – have pointed out that the ban misses the Middle Eastern countries whose citizens have killed Americans in terrorist attacks, and that the citizenry of one of those countries (Saudi Arabia)has been linked to more attacks than ever other country in the Middle East (on or off the list)put together.

Another major event where the media has had a mixed record of reporting is the Women’s March. The centre right and Fox News condemned it as did the far right Breitbart network, but the centre left and left wing media came out strongly in support. It might have been because for conservatives this was the end of 8 years of President Obama, a President who many had not so much despised as they had fought every step of the way to block him, even when he was doing things they knew were right. Or perhaps the media were still sucking up his “My way or the highway type speech” to the world. What they missed though was the moderating messages in the middle, that came not from the likes of Madonna wanting to blow up the White House, or conservatives wondering , but from the N.G.O.’s and community groups that were marching to make sure President Trump understands womens rights are human rights.

The media, across the board need to look at both themselves and their profession. Yes you are living in times when it may seem like you are damned if you do and damned if you do not, but you will also be despised if you stop digging out the stories.

1 thought on “Separating out the facts and fiction with Donald Trump

  1. Before the Election of President Turmp the NZ media fed us a steady diet of pro Clinton news. I stopped watching.
    The republicans endorsed Trump and he progressed through the campaign with massive negative publicity here.
    Turmp won. That is because he won the majority of electoral college votes. Even though he did not achieve the numbers of individual voters, he won with the US voting system which they have found very satistactory up to now.304 of 538 electoral votes.
    He is the President of the US. Suck it up!

    Trump has a majority. Millions want him as the US President.

    The media in NZ have not given us ANY positive viewpoint of the new President.
    The policy that they refuse to report is supported by the US Republican voters.
    That in my book is biased reporting.

    The Wall: it is more than half built already. Just needs to be finished.
    The ban on Middle East people: this is temporary until the US immigration systems sort out their proceedures.
    The TPPA – I’m glad its gone. We cannot have American Corporations telling our Parliament what they can and cannot do. Anyway, it had very little advantage for us.

    It is the establishment, the rich, the corporations, the newspaper magnates the 1% that are objecting.
    Let the others have their needs met. That’s what he promised. That is what he is attempting to deliver.
    Give the guy a fair Go.


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