Our unsustainable immigration problem

Nelson, New Zealand. Population circa 50,000 people. A growing medium size New Zealand city with a climate that makes it popular with retirees, tourists. It is also the size of an urban that is needed every year to soak up the uncontrolled migrant influx into New Zealand.

New Zealand needs to make immigration sustainable. We talk about where 750 refugees per annum are going to go, but no one seems able or willing to discuss the substantial planning headaches that housing 50,000 new migrants per annum pose. Each migrant needs some kind of accommodation. Each unit of accommodation needs running water, electricity, phone line, sewerage disposal as well as a drive way or other appropriate vehicular access. These need to be connected to existing infrastructure.

Our house prices, despite signs of cooling in some areas, are simply not sustainable. And the socio-economic impact that they are having is simply not acceptable. When a school teacher cannot live in a particular town or city and teach there because rents eat up so much of their salary that they cannot do anything with their lives there is a problem. When a house costs $1 million and can go up $50,000 in a day because someone bought the property and then sold it again to make a quick buck, there is a problem – not necessarily suggesting that the speculators are non-New Zealanders.

But this is more than just about council planning. It is more than about house prices, though there is a strong correlation between immigration inflow and demand. This is about protecting the quality of life in New Zealand. This is about protecting our country from criminal and terrorist elements, about protecting our way of life so that it may be enjoyed by all who come to live here and be good law abiding New Zealanders.

Most immigrants come in peace. I welcome them. The ones that come here to rort the system, use this land in support of criminal activity or commit terrorism, the next door you will see is that of a jail cell. Whether you come out of it again or not depends on what you did to justify seeing said jail cell in the first place.

I do not want to ever as a New Zealand citizen see this country reach the stage where we despise immigrants. I say this not least because we are a land of immigrants. We came over on boats in the in the first 100 years of New Zealand and since the advent of mass air transport, immigrants have arrived by plane. If we should ever reach this stage, it means New Zealand has failed as a nation in its primary task to be the land of all that is good and fair.

But we may reach that day at some point if this unsustainable immigration continues.

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