Hiding Pike River video a major blow to Government credibility

So on Sunday night News Hub said it had obtained video of Pike River Mine after the fatal explosions in November 2010 that was not shown to the Royal Commission. News Hub said that the video was leaked. Now the families are demanding answers and political parties suspect a cover up. The Government and the Police deny this.

But the fact of the matter is that either a joint decision multiple people or an individual decision was made by someone. Those people or that someone must have known of the video’s existence . So the two questions I really want an answer to and no doubt so do the families of the Pike River 29 is who decided that this video did not need to be shown to the Royal Commission – because clearly it was not, despite the claims to the contrary – and why?

We can debate forever what their rationale for hiding the video might have been:

  • Was it hidden by the Police because it showed something that tore their story as the agency in control of the mine after the accident to shreds?
  • Was it hidden by the Government in the hope that it would not be released until after the public had lost interest and thus be of little consequence to their decision not to enter the mine?
  • Did it show something that might have made Pike River mining company more culpable than it was?

But like I said, we can debate forever what the reason or reasons for hiding the video were. It does not help the families to continue to speculate, but no doubt since News Hub obtained the video clip, and it went to air, the above questions and a how lot more have been raised.

What is so damn hard about just being upfront and honest about what happened? The more people hide evidence, the more one becomes convinced of something dirty being hidden.

New Zealand First rightfully smells a cover up. It seems that a large number of New Zealanders based on the commentary on articles about this on the internet seem to agree that something is being hidden and it stinketh.

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