British election has huge implications

The next 36 hours in Britain shall go down in the country’s history as among the most important in modern times. This is an election with implications not just for the nation whose empire once spanned half of the world, but for Europe, and the world beyond.

When British Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election, one of the polls suggested that Labour was a lamb being lead to the slaughter house, with huge gains forecast. Slowly, day by day that poll has narrowed to the point that now many believe a hung Parliament is the most likely outcome. There are several reasons for this:

  • The recent terrorist attacks in Britain have inspired Britons to show love and compassion and not the hardline, liberty hating, human rights trampling fearmongering required by Mrs May and her Conservative Party
  • The recent terrorist attacks also show that domestic policy, which the Conservative Party have had 7 years to improve on is failing badly
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made promises to take Labour back to its core principles that the left-wing of British politics find exhilarating, including cancelling the Trident nuclear submarines
  • Britons are having second thoughts about Brexit after initially voting yes for something they never quite believed would happen

When a nation that has stood for the rule of law perhaps longer than most others in the western world decides it might trample on its own human rights law in blind pursuit of beating terrorism, there is a MASSIVE problem. When the Government cannot stand up to a divisive world leader who is ridiculing the Mayor of your capital city in the days after it has had a terrorist attack and not showing respect for British authorities requests to be more careful about whom they share intelligence with, what kind of leader are you?  When  the Government cannot see any problem with arming war criminals, despite being called out many times by human rights organizations what has happened to your moral compass?

When the votes are cast and and counted, the world will see whether Britain wants to take a turn for the hugely better, walk a tight rope high above a pool of sharks or dive straight in. All I can say Britain is that I hope you know what you are doing.

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