A three way race for the centre left

There is a race going on at the moment. It is for the highest honour – that of the right to govern the nation. Did we say it was going to be a treat for the centre left or a centre right Government? Only if you win. Right now there are three distinct forces at work in the centre-left of New Zealand politics.

The left: The Greens

The “I think I am left, but I don’t know” left: Labour

The CENTRE: New Zealand First

The race for the centre-left of New Zealand politics is on. Yet somehow it seems strangely well stitched up. And even if everything goes to plan in this race, we need to remember it is part of a much bigger race: the race to win the 2017 N.Z. General Election.

That is the question. What is Labour going to do. Are they going to announce a winner such as nationalizing the energy sector again – something I would support or a long term blue print for the provision of biofuel and electric cars, reducing our petroleum use; the banning of waste products in return for significant investment in reuse of waste stream products. Maybe they will go one step further and tell 4th year students at university doing Hons study that provided they spend X years here, their fees are paid for.

Who would be brave enough to do that?

Well, actually, Labour would. They have already given undergrads years 1-3 free, so why now year 4? An Honours student when I was at University of Canterbury in 2005 was pretty much assured a job on the spot when they finished their qualification. It would give those in research areas where there are a dearth of researchers, hope that they will be able to afford the necessary study to become what they want.

But the problem is that this has become a complex market in terms of prospective employees. Too many lives as risk. Labour need remind people that a couple of years ago it introduced solid policy on getting people to start reinvesting in industries currently looking rather afraid and lonely,  not sure of what form the next Government will take and no prepared to wait any longer to find out.

So, what do the three parties in the race have to do with it? Well, everything.

The Greens, the hip party fielding some candidates that will surprise people, is the preferred coalition partner of many for Labour. Unfortunately it is at war with New Zealand First.

Labour are the mainstream party who want to govern, but whom seem to be doomed to a fourth term on the opposition bench. They are also the same party that had to watch former National Prime Minister Keith Holyoake spend four consecutive terms – the only peacetime Prime Minister to have achieved this – in office. Not again they say.

I actually agree,but to change this is probably to change the Government.

Aside from defining the centre left, they are the ones who will receive the support of the public, thoroughly disgruntled with National as they most probably are. The Greens and Labour one, might have expected would automatically surge because they have seen a well oiled Labour Party at work.

But all is not kosher. The Greens and New Zealand First are at war again – and as much as it disgusts me – both of these parties should be above this nonsense when the country is at stake

If you are from New Zealand, please do not read anything into any of my post about the election. Get out there and vote for whom YOU want to govern cometh 23 September – it is votes, that will be counted at the ballot box, not the number of negative articles about Labour.

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