Which issues make your blood boil, New Zealanders?

This is a slightly different article today in that I am actually not going to write anything of substance, and instead let us do a survey. We shall examine the issues that are making the proverbial blood of New Zealanders boil.

Three issues make my blood boil:

  1. The fact that the Government has been deliberately maintaining a low wage economy with people earning $15-20/hr instead of $25-30/hr by failing to invest in science, both the trades and academic research
  2. The environment – whether it is our obsession with fossil fuel guzzling vehicles, our consumerist and throw away society with huge and growing landfills that have all sorts of toxic substances in them or the assault on our fresh water, our performance as a nation with a clean green image has diminished in the last nine years
  3. Law and order – no one deserves to live in fear of being attacked by people in their home or at their workplace, and the current surge in dairies, superettes, bars and such being held up at gun point by people who are at times only minors but committing crimes that will be tried in an adult court is hugely bothersome

National have had nine years to address these and I see little in the way of progress. They have spent money on these issues, but it has been haphazard with no clear oversight and convoluted outcomes have been the result. None of their policy on this seems to be able to think past election cycles.

Righto. That’s me.

How did you get on with the survey?


1 thought on “Which issues make your blood boil, New Zealanders?

  1. Hey Rob, thanks for sharing and for linking to that survey. Enjoyed participating.
    Tonight the thing that make my blood boil
    1. The growing inequality between rich and poor that is turning us into a bullying, blame culture for those who mostly through no fault of their own are condemned to live less fulfilled lives and less fulfilling for them and less ability to contribute to this gorgeous country of ours. So much potential wasted.
    2. An environment under attack from an under-regulated, profit driven model that is killing our water-ways, our oceans and the golden goose that is our tourism and our clean green image. And let’s not even mention our increasingly tattered independent foreign policy.
    3. The lack of human rights leadership as we settle for 97 best – when we could be principled leaders rather than the craven decision-makers happy to be guided by those with bigger purses but no ethnical backbone. The world is desperate for hope filled not hate-filled policies.


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