Only one poll matters: 23 September 2017

Yesterday another poll came out. This one was a Colmar Brunton poll which put National 9 points clear of Labour on 46%. Labour slumped to 37%. The Greens climbed to 8%, whilst New Zealand First dropped further to 5%, whilst The Opportunities Party is on 2% and the Maori Party is on 1%.

I don’t believe this poll. Polls normally do not swing like this. Labour have gone from – if you believe the latest poll – dead in the water, to giving chase and then overtaking National, and back to giving chase. I think it, like National could still form a Government with help from New Zealand First.

New Zealand First is declining, which is another thing I find outwardly surprising. I thought it would be steady on 8-9% and gunning to be the King maker. Again, I do not believe this to be accurate.

So here we are. In my round up a few days ago I gave my assessment of how I thought the parties would go on election day. That still stands.

What happens now, is up to you. Good luck getting the Government you want. Remember that we are still New Zealanders at the end of this. We can still be mates. We will still have family and be family members to others. We will still have to go to work on Monday.


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