Hugh Hefner: Divisive in life and divisive in death

Hugh Hefner was divisive in life. Hugh Hefner was divisive in death.

I am not sure how appropriate it is to acknowledge Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy and the man who established the famous Playboy Mansion. So, perhaps this rather short statement is more to acknowledge his existence, rather than than to necessarily lead a cheering squad for pornography, hardcore or not. Tasteful or not.

It should not be a surprise if it does some sort of cheer leading squad. Some loved Mr Hefner and will point to his estate, to Playboy, the magazine and this includes both men and women. If Mr Hefner was so bad as some say, why did and do so many respect his contribution for what it is Рor is not Рto society? If he was so bad, why have we not heard about alleged abuse like we have about Jimmy Savile  and Rolf Harris?

I sit on the fence. He is what he was. I do not endorse exploitation of women. But in his 91 years, I am not sure he did either.

But if an adult woman chooses to become involved in making programmes/movies/documentaries of an overtly sexual nature, that is her choice. If an adult woman chooses to do a photo shoot in which she is stark naked, and knows that the photos will be a spread in the pages of a major magazine, again that is her choice.

If two consenting adults of the same orientation want to have sex in front of the camera and record it, fine. The key words are “adult” and “consenting”.

What we need to do is stop pretending. We need to acknowledge school boys at an age well under the minimum probably look for porn on their phones, or on the internet. Did I say it was okay? Not at all. NOT. AT. ALL.

But they do. And they will.

Parents need to grow a spine. Be a parent. Not their best mate. You might love them with all your heart but you have a job to do and that is show them right from wrong. Good from bad. Yadda yadda yadda.

So does the justice system. Cut the crap and call rape, rape. That all it is. A disgusting, damaging offence for which the only answer is jail and a rehabilitation into society that can only start when the offender acknowledges that they did a terrible wrong.

Mr Hefner may have contributed to moral issue around this. I acknowledge that.

Hugh Hefner was a person who for as long as I can remember him was associated with pornography. There was no getting away from it.. Mr Hefner proclaimed to be the man who whose mere attendance gave hope to his play bunnies. I think it s fair to say that whilst we did not know what Mr Hefner had envisaged, the reality was that his politics had angered or annoyed people to a one-on-one. The story never really had fairy tales or was perceived as being a moral hazard.

At some point or another many girls who thought – mistakenly – that they would be up to the arduous tasks to impress their boss and get the media hounds onto them quickly had become disillusioned. Ones body – male or female – is worth more than the lines or imagery necessary to explain what Playboy Mansion was trying to achieve. His memory will live on, though I am not sure it it will ever address the confronting nature of pornography in society, it will definitely belong to one of the more colourful – if not divisive – members of society.

Hugh Hefner. 09 April 1926-27 September 2017.


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