This is the day

Today at 1400.

Today at 1400, New Zealand will know which the final results of the 2017 General Election.

At this hour to anyone who has bothered take of the blinkers and look in  a cold rational way, why Winston Peters is behaving in the way he is, your suspicions should be confirmed. To those with red or blue blinkers on, this is the day you find out black is neither red or blue and you need to get with it.

Today, 07 October 2017. 1400 hours. 

Today is the day New Zealand finds out whether the National led Government of Prime Minister Bill English comes to an end or is given the rights to start negotiations for a fourth term in Government. Or is this the day when a truly historic and never before imagined third way in New Zealand Government is given an opportunity to emerge?

This is the day journalists, from all walks, find out that New Zealand First leader Winston Peters actually had a very good, and very obvious reason which – to an individual – not a single journalist acknowledged for his coyness. It had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the fact that THE SPECIAL VOTES WOULD NOT BE FINISHED BEING COUNTED UNTIL THIS DAY. Tell me HOW you expect a Government to be decided when this is not yet done!

I do not actually have time for journalists who cannot or will not – yeah, yeah, yeah about deadlines and needing to contribute something – understand that Mr Peters was simply playing the only card he could and waiting until the special votes are counted.

Simple as that.

Enjoy the results.

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