Petition to Minister for Environment (Eugenie Sage)

At the start of this year a Chinese decision to bar the importation of New Zealand waste took effect. New Zealanders have one of the highest rates of waste creation in the world and a relatively mediocre recycling record to boot.

As a result of that, I started looking at ways of reducing the waste winding up in New Zealand land fills. I was interested in a number of issues, not least:

  1. Any unnecessary council obstruction to waste reduction measures
  2. The functionality in the second decade of this century a modest 2002 waste management strategy and the 2008 legislation called the Waste Minimisation Act, 2008
  3. What economic gains could be had from reducing waste
  4. What environmental gains could be had from reducing waste

I was not sure how I might get public attention to bear on this issue. Simply writing a blog article and linking to a petition run by somebody else might or might not work. “Might” or “Might not” was not good enough for me. I wanted certainty, but I also wanted to know that what I did would capture the interest of others.

So I came up with a petition that is based at Action Station, a social activist platform launched by Marianne Elliott. Action Station is about bringing people take action together in support of a better Aotearoa New Zealand.

As for that petition, look no further than here. Please SIGN this petition. Please SHARE it to your social media. Please TELL people you meet about it.

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