Real estate industry needs stronger regulation

When we think of Real Estate agents in New Zealand, people want to think that they are an honourable bunch. New Zealanders want to believe that when they are buying or selling a house, should they deal with a real estate agent, that not only is the person totally qualified to do the job, it will be done to a level of proficiency where both the buyer/seller and the agent are happy.

And why not? A house most certainly is the single biggest purchase in terms of personal financial cost any New Zealand will make, with a few rare exceptions. A house is a substantial and ongoing investment that means one must be prepared to invest time in maintenance, time in possibly occasionally doing the house up, and time in making sure it is not causing the neighbours undue stress. So, one better want a house to be sold to them/or sold on their behalf by an agent who knows what s/he is doing.

For the most part real estate agents are – like most New Zealanders – fairly decent people. They have lives, they might well have family and probably travel ambitions. They do not want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

But what happens when there is a rogue in the building. A rogue who has racked up nine misconduct charges; a rogue who poses such a risk that he cannot deal in the real estate industry until 2021, after being banned in 2015?

This is where Aaron Brever comes in. Mr Brever was banned in November 2016 on his ninth misconduct charge. In its ruling the Real Estate Agents Authority said that he was unable and/or unwilling to change and that the public need to be protected by him.

NINTH charge?!

Sorry Mr Brever, but New Zealand needs stronger real estate monitoring regulation than it currently has. It is people like you who are the unfortunate cause of this happening and my promoting it. The Act needs to require all real estate agents are New Zealand permanent residents before they apply for a real estate license. The real estate licencing needs to maintain a standard whereby a client can have confidence in the agent, but at the same time

After nine such charges I think most people would accept an Agent should have been long stripped of his/her license, which should only be reinstated pending appropriate review. I think it would also be appropriate to say that that agent should be permanently barred from being involved in the sale of real estate in any capacity where they may gain some form of financial or other gain should another charge of misconduct be brought against them.

Mr Brever might have been stripped in November 2016. I see nothing to suggest he is credible of getting his licence back.


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