It is just not cricket!

Irrespective of which cricket playing nation you live in and irrespective of any observing nation you live in, I want people to know that cricket is so much more than a bunch of corrupt players tampering with the ball; throwing matches or otherwise bringing the game into disrepute. It is a game that  is played by nations comprising perhaps 25% of the worlds population.

In the past if there has been some sort of improper conduct associated with cricket it has – generally (a New Zealand tampering incident involving Martin Crowe and Chris Pringle in Pakistan in 1990 being one exception) – had its roots in Indian book makers or players being asked to perform certain actions, such as deliberately getting out on a particular ball or not taking runs. The people who have been caught in these acts have all brought the game into shame. But it has picked itself up and removed those troublesome individuals – New Zealand player Lou Vincent was banned for life from any involvement in the game; Salim Malik of Pakistan for earlier incidents

My respect for Australian cricket is in free fall. The nation we all loved to not support on the cricket field, the nation that won the 1999, 2003 and 2007 World Cups as well as the 2015 World Cup needs to take an ice cold hard look at itself and where it stands in the so called “gentleman’s game”.

This just is not cricket. This is stupidity on a monumental scale from a team that just as much as I and an awful lot of others dearly want to thrash in the cricket, came to respect their players brilliance – right from the Don, Allan Border, big Merv, the Waugh bros, Ricky Ponting, Michael Clarke, Brett Lee, Shane Warne, Ian Healy and many many more who made the game great and a thrill to watch – thought were honestly above this shit. These gentlemen are, but the two fools mentioned below certainly are not.

This is disgusting beyond belief. Oh sure others did it too. Shahid Afridi bit the ball, so, apparently did Sachin Tendulkar. The latter got a one match ban.

But this is different. This was sanctioned by the highest echelons of the Australian team short of the coach. This was sanctioned by Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft, as well as a bunch of senior players.

Steve Smith might have resigned the Captaincy and David Warner the Vice Captaincy, but both now have to face the wrath of Cricket Australia and accept in full any punishment handed down by the I.C.C.

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