Of Chocolate and Bunnies (2018)

This is a fairly short post. That is for two reasons. Aside from the fact that the main message I was going to write has been published before, I am satisfied that this effort from Easter 2017 cannot be bettered, other than to say I was wrong about the legislation under which rabbit control control is conducted. I said it was the Resource Management Act. It is actually the Biosecurity Act.

I would just like to say though, having observed the consumerism that engulfed Easter in 2017 that it is in many respects almost as bad as Christmas. The rampant commercialism around it is destroying much of what the whole of Easter is supposed to be about. Yes, you need to earn some in your life under to look after yourselves, but a supermarket starting to get ready for Easter when it has barely gotten past Christmas is not only premature, but also smacks a loss of principles.

So, happy Easter. Enjoy your Easter eggs. but to this day I am not sure how easter eggs and chocolate became as important as Jesus rising from the dead.

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