Greens pick Marama Davidson

Yesterday the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand chose Marama Davidson to be the new Green co-leader, over 3 term Member of Parliament Julie Anne Genter.

I wish to congratulate M Davidson on her ascension to the co-leader role. It was not a rule I was expecting her to take on. Mrs Davidson replaces former leader and now ex-member of Parliament Metiria Turei who made the mistake of failing to be honest with New Zealanders about past financial support from a Ministry of Social Development aid. I will admit that my preference was definitely for Julie Anne Genter. Ms Genter has been in Parliament since 2008. Her substantial workload includes being Minister for Womens Affairs, Minister of Transport.

Ms Genter recently had a major policy victory when the Government announced its transport policy would include a significant change in direction.Among the changes included an ending of emphasis on the National Party’s “Roads of National Significance”, substantial investment in railway transport and more funding for rural and urban transport needs. However she has also courted controversy with her comments about old white men from a board background. Despite being essentially correct in terms of the context, the indignant howls from the people that were a target suggest much work still to be done in this area.

So I wait with interest to see how this new leader will turn out to be.

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