Body scanners coming to New Zealand: Overkill or good?

After a trial that has been conducted at Wellington Airport, Advanced Imaging Technology (A.I.T.) is going to be rolled out at key airports across New Zealand.

The civil libertarian in me has some concerns about how invasive the imaging will be. Will it pick up full body contours, or will it pick up just an outline of ones body and mark on it anything that appears suspect? Will the imagery be erased once the person going through the scanner is dealt with, or will it be kept on record somehow?

I personally find it frustrating that other countries are somehow dictated too by Federal Aviation Authority rules. When one reads signage on aircraft, even in New Zealand it will often refer to the F.A.A. To me the F.A.A.’s jurisdiction starts/ends at the United States border and that the authority I should be answering to is our own Civil Aviation Authority.

Yes, I realize that aviation has not been the same since 11 September 2001. Yes I realize that peoples perceptions of safety as well as airlines perceptions of safety were never going to be the same after that day. But why should other nations succumb to America’s paranoid obsession with all things “security” in the context of national security, especially when so many of America’s national security issues are of their own making?

But okay. The flip side of the coin is somewhat different if the supposed benefits can be proven. And Aviation Security (AVSEC) are meant to keep our airports as safe as they reasonably can. If the images detect narcotics, guns that police officers forgot to take off their belt when they went through, the plastic knife that may have been put in for some other reason and completely forgotten about, and so on then, yes they are doing their job.

If it means someone who planned to enter the waiting lounge and shoot the place up, is stopped, then the scanners have paid their way.

Perhaps I should be more lenient. New Zealand customs and AVSEC officers are not like their Canadian and American counterparts. Generally New Zealand border and airport security are much more friendly, polite and helpful. They don’t hiss like snakes, which I experienced in Los Angeles last year. If an AVSEC officer is over zealous, his/her colleagues are more likely to pick up on the problem and perhaps rein their wayward colleague in.

So, the question I pose is quite a simple, yet fundamental one in the context of border security:

Is it over kill to have full body scanners at New Zealand airports? If yes, why? If not, why not?

Let the debate begin.

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