Simon Bridges suggestion of a new Green Party laughable

It has emerged that a man named Vernon Tava believes that there is a component of the Greens who are sick of their party’s social policies, and who would consider a merger with the left wing of the National Party. In reviving an old gimmicky vehicle to gain a few political points – or in this case 5% of the party vote – a former Green turned National Party hopeful named Vernon Tava, along with National Party leader Simon Bridges are hoping to undermine the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand.

To suggest that there are people who are sick of the social aspect of Green Party policies, shows how little Simon Bridges understands of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. Mr Bridges does not seem to realize that they are as integral to being a Green as the environmental policies and associated politics that give the party its name in the first place. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of what is to even be a supporter of the Green movement, never mind a party member. It is a bit like suggesting National supporters want their incomes, but are not interested in the economic methods that are used to supply those incomes.

These comments are none other than desperate suggestions from a Member of Parliament and Leader of The Opposition who is seriously out of his depth.

And who is Vernon Tava? Here is a guy who to the best of my knowledge has no political profile whatsoever, and now he wants to establish a political party that will somehow reach the lofty 5% threshhold of the party vote. 5% is something Colin Craig and his Conservative Party could not reach. It is something that Gareth Morgan and his The Opportunities Party could not reach in 2017 and something that even New Zealand First failed to reach in 2008. Good luck to him trying, but his profile in New Zealand politics needs some solid work done on it.

The Greens to myself and plenty of others now are as much the party of drug reform, no more wars, more lenience on prisoners as they were the day they entered Parliament. Surely Mr Bridges must have noted the arrival of the Greens in Parliament at the end of 1999 and wondered what a Rastafarian (Nandor Tanczos), a son of Elsie Locke, a beneficiary among others all had in common. Surely he must have understood that there is a section of New Zealand society who do not believe that capitalism is the answer, and that they were as much entitled to exercise their legal rights and views as himself and his well to do mates? Apparently not if you read meaning into these totally baseless comments.

Mr Bridges on one hand appears interested in reviving an old joke wing of the National Party that were never more than a half hearted gimmick. The blue-greens were meant to be a hybrid of the Greens and National with the Greens environmental agenda, coupled with National’s social and economic agenda. That might in itself raise some commentary, but commentary would be about the limit of the reaction – no serious attempt at reconciling either the green wing of politics or the conservative wing with the other’s agenda has ever been seriously attempted. It also ignores some facts that the Greens and the larger left part of the spectrum would consider fundamental:

To have economic growth, people must be in a mental, physical and social state where they can reasonably contribute in the processes. That means having employment policies and protections to stop exploitation and unsafe occupational practices.

Something not everyone in National believe are necessary or even proper.

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