Stand with Christchurch

Yesterday, Friday 15 March 2019, white supremacists committed acts of terrorism against multiple Mosques in Christchurch where people were peacefully going about their prayers. In the ensuing attacks, 49 people were murdered. Improvised explosive devices were found by Police near the scene of at least one attack.

This is NOT what Christchurch stands for. This is NOT what New Zealand stands for. We are horrified beyond belief that such utter cowardice could be perpetrated against people carrying out totally legitimate activities.

Because of that, Will New Zealand Be Right will not publish until Sunday 17 March 2019. Stay safe. Reach out to any any friends you have in ethnic communities. Give thanks to the Police for the magnificent job they are doing bringing these people to justice.


1 thought on “Stand with Christchurch

  1. So true my friend,
    …this is NOT New Zealand, rather an overseas coward who said in his manifesto that he *chose* Christchurch as a place to do this because he wanted to make people think that even the places they thought the safest, would not be .

    Places however are what GOOD people make it, if we stand together around the world then Hate can never win. I deplore what has happened in these mosques, Rest In Peace those who were so cruelly taken.

    I have already reached out to several Muslim friends, I said I was so sorry, but they know that extremists everywhere try to ruin thing for others who only want a peaceful life along side their neighbours, no matter their faith.
    My heart goes out to those who lost family and friends. Stay strong our friends, you are not grieving alone.


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