Warnings of “revolution” if gun buy back promises not honoured

The owner of an ammunition sales business believes New Zealand will be ripe for revolution if the Government does not honour its gun buy back promises. Paul Clark, who owns New Zealand Ammunition, has told a journalist that there is the risk of violent reaction by gun owners who think the buy back scheme is short changing them.

When interviewed by journalist Lisa Owen and asked what he meant by revolution, Mr Clark responded that it meant literally that. He was sure that there is is a high probability of a physical revolution in New Zealand by gun owners. He went to say that many were planning to skirt the law by hiding their weapons.

I have no knowledge of Mr Clark or his ammunition business, but I find his commentary consistent with that of firearm activists who think that the Government is out to ban all guns. This is extremely dangerous, misleading and if you ask me slightly paranoid in that it is consistent with some of the commentary one would expect from an organization like the National Rifle Association of America.

And what on earth would one want to do with an AR-15 anyway? The sole purpose of AR-15 type weapons is to kill on a large and indiscriminate scale, in the way that the Christchurch mosques attacker, the Nevada hotel gun man, the Sandy Hook elementary school gun man.

Maybe Mr Clark is just sounding a warning that has been passed on to him. As one selling munitions he would be expected to know a bit about the clientele who come to him for their ammunition needs. Maybe there are people on the rifle ranges around the country who honestly feel threatened by this. It is true that the Government did move with almost indecent haste to push legislation through Parliament, but that was the time to do it, when political parties (A.C.T. aside) were united by disgust. And yes, there is more legislation coming, but that was signalled clearly at the time that the first tranche was pushed through in April.

These people whoever they are need to understand though that New Zealand changed irrevocably on 15 March 2019. 51 perfectly innocent people were brutally slaughtered in a callous and cowardly act that New Zealanders honestly thought only happened overseas. Many of us were absolutely horrified at the way the N.R.A., and certain overseas politicians tried to make it about their gun agenda when they have nothing of relevance to New Zealand. We suddenly realized our firearm laws were not up to scratch. We found out that no accurate records of who has what and how they obtained it in terms of firearms, and that our customs are not able to do their jobs adequately because of chronic underfunding and resourcing.

I also fail to understand where he gets the idea he might not be able to take this to court. This is not about banning ones basic rights to challenge unjust laws, but about making sure that there is no prospect of another 15 March 2019 type incident ever happening in New Zealand again.

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