Boris holding United Kingdom hostage

I have come to the conclusion that Brexiteers who are determined that Britain should leave, deal or no deal, are virtually holding the United Kingdom hostage. When the Labour Party actually has Conservative M.P.’s openly working along side it because they have realised that this is the only way some semblance of order can be maintained and are actively trying to derail the Prime Minister, is not there something seriously wrong?

Yes, sure Britain voted to leave the E.U. Yes it was meant to be done and dusted on 29 March 2019, but when the United Kingdom voted to leave on 23 June 2016, how many of the voters actually had a clue what they were doing?

My guess is not very many.

How many politicians actually honestly knew what they were doing? My guess is as a percentage, even fewer than the voters. But they voted “LEAVE” anyway, and now in 54 days time – barring a miracle – we will see… well… something. It might be what some think will be a knock out blow to the United Kingdom; or it might be a few weeks of turbulence that settles down and life for the most part trundles on.

But we don’t know what Mr Boris Johnson is thinking, except that one thing I think is certain: Britain will exit the E.U. in some form on 31 October 2019. And to that end, like some sort of deranged mad man, he is desperately plunging ahead, using whatever means he sees fit – suspending Parliament with the Queen’s permission was always going to cause a backlash, but did Mr Johnson see or think about who the casualties might be, and more to the point is he likely to anytime soon? Probably not.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May is not likely to be remembered kindly for her time at No. 10 Downing Street, but she might at least be recognized as continuing to push for a deal the entire time even if what she brought to the negotiating table was anything but palatable. Mr Johnson on the other hand is determined to have Britain exit in whatever form it finds itself on the day.

And maybe the ex-Minister who is thought to have deliberately leaked a document showing the very worst we could expect from Brexit was being a whistle blower on a potentially horrible outcome for Britain. A Brexit where just about everything at the becomes contentious. A Brexit where a hardened Irish border forms again, potentially pointing to a return of the Troubles. A Brexit where Scotland, which did not vote for Brexit decides now is the time to push for an independence referendum.

From here, like the rest of the world I can only watch and wait to see what happens next. I can only hope that in the worst case my New Zealand friends have thought to get a New Zealand passport organized so that their freedom of movement is not curtailed and that they realise what a great thing our passports are. I can only hope that some sense is seen and the determination that the next 7 weeks in British politics are not the end days of the U.K.


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