The National Party’s regulatory bonfire

Yesterday National announced a plan to cut what it views as red tape. National say that they want to boost the economy, which it claims is suffering unnecessarily under the COVID19 outbreak.

When parties talk about regulatory bonfires, my suspicion levels immediately start to rise. One usually – as was the case today –  only has to read a couple sentences further on in the article to see that it is a general offensive against any laws that the proposing party does not like. Rarely is there any rhyme or reason to it.

This bonfire looks like it will be par for the course. What National is not acknowledging is the package unveiled by the Government today to help businesses struggling with the impact of the virus. Nor is it acknowledging that many of the law changes that have been brought in over the last year are seeking to improve the socio-economic well being of New Zealanders.

National says 100 regulations will be repealed. Indeed, the whole idea of removing 100 regulations is actually an idea taken from the government of United States President Donald Trump. The bonfire of regulations includes repealing the Resource Management Act, which is hardly an original idea and actually sounds like a play straight from the A.C.T. Party.  Regulations pertaining to compulsory insulation of rental properties are also going to go, which – when one thinks about the living conditions necessary to stop flu like symptoms developing – is actually incredibly short sighted.

National believes this will help new entrants “to the market”. New entrants to what market? A market that has no comprehension of social well being? And who are these new entrants?

I guess Mr Bridges has to come up with something, but these ideas are completely unoriginal. They are not going to help anyone except a very small number of people and may actually undermine the response to COVID19. At a time when common sense is badly needed, Mr Bridges, like his wayward and completely out of tune M.P. David Bennett, seems determined to do his best to consign National to another term on the Opposition benches.

Labour is going to win this election, not because the Government is performing flawlessly, but because the Opposition seem bent on spending another three years on the Opposition benches.

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