Is COVID19 a biological reality check for planet Earth?

In 1800, there was about 1 billion people world wide. The next billion was reached in 1927. 3 billion was attained in about 1960, and since then the population has increased by about 83 million per year or about a billion more every 13 years. As of July 2018 there was about 7.5 billion people world wide.

For the current population to be sustainable, there is about 1.8 hectares of land available for resource development. However 329 million Americans use about 9.7 hectares each.

That is not sustainable environmentally, biologically or otherwise. But what really makes me curious is whether COVID19 signifies a sort of tipping point where the level of pollution and environmental degradation has reached a point where some kind biological reaction has taken place, enabling a illness that has the ability to evolve and vary its behaviour.

Could factors such as poor sanitation and hygiene, plus poor living conditions have contributed to create a biological environment where germs that then get spread from person to person have created something? In conjunction with human overpopulation, a worsening physical environment and poor management of waste is it possible that a second threshhold where a sort of correction in the (lack of) biological equilibrium could occur?

And that COVID19 or a future variation of it is that correction?

In the west common illnesses such as measles, mumps and rubella have been largely eradicated. Hospitals are suitably sterile and staff are well trained and resourced. The very basic yet fundamental practice of washing ones hands is well drummed into medical practitioners and nurses. But in third world countries like Africa where the water supply is heavily polluted, the infrastructure poorly maintained and the population not educated to know what is safe and what is not greatly increases the probability of disease. In the tropical regions stagnant water bodies are suitable breeding grounds for mosquito larvae, which aids the spread of malaria and other diseases. COVID19 started in China, but has been rapidly spread around the world so that New Zealand now has 20 causes,

Another – politicized – reason for supporting this theory is that research has definitively concluded that COVID19 is natural in origin. Contrary to the conspiracy theory that some are expounding, it was not manufactured in a laboratory. It will undermine the alleged reports that Chinese authorities are pushing the line that America manufactured this in a lab.

2 thoughts on “Is COVID19 a biological reality check for planet Earth?

  1. The infection started in Wuhan which is a sophistivated and modern city.
    However there are still many very poor people in inland regions of China.
    What this teaches China is that their poor need to be brought out of the extreme poverty that has led them to sponsor a market where cheap animal protein is sold, and animals for killing that are live so they do not need refrigeration.


  2. Viruses thet have the potential to infect humankind have appeared for eons. This one just happened to be more virrulant than many.
    The world has responded appropriately this time.
    The world knows what to do this time.


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