NZ in lock down: DAY 2

This is DAY 2 of New Zealand in lock down, as we try to fight back against COVID19. I want to start by reflecting on a few things I saw, heard and did yesterday. I also want to acknowledge the many people who are having birthdays, meant to be having/attending weddings, organizing funerals for loved ones – I have a cousin who had her birthday yesterday and is celebrating in her bubble.

Yesterday was actually surprisingly nice, both in terms of the weather and in terms of things I could do and did do. My bubble is myself, my parents and the gold fish that we have – and if you really want to get technical, a beehive on the property. Two other bubbles exist down our right-of-way, which has three properties. The bubbles stay in their respective fortresses.

I went out walking for exercise and whilst going past a park, noted that the playground had been taped up. The two people in the people – a dad and his son – were kicking a football to each other. Whilst walking I wondered about how realistic the restrictions were and I suspect that there will be a few people looking at creative ways of getting around them or simply applying some common knowledge. A walker, out for a brisk walk might cover several kilometres – I did about 7-8 in yesterday’s walk – which is not exactly staying in the neighbourhood. But at the same time not a single person I saw yesterday was stopping for anyone and all as far as possible were observing the two metre rule. There were walkers, joggers, runners, skate boarders, and cyclists out yesterday and that made me wonder watching the speed that some of them were going, whether it is – provided that they do not stop and observe the 2 metre rule – realistic to expect them to stay in their neighbourhoods?

Of my study? That will be waiting another couple of days. I have an assignment that was due on 25 March, which has been pushed back to late April. I reached a compromise with myself and decided that I will aim to be all done with it by 1 April.

There are people who were meant to be getting married in the next few weeks, who have had to cancel the happiest days of their lives. Wedding dresses made; venue booked, catering and function venue sorted and now we have COVID19 as a gate crasher. There were people who were meant to be attending weddings, which might well have been the highlight of their social life for the year who have had to watch the gate crasher wreck it all.

I also want to acknowledge those who have lost loved ones, and who were hoping for a nice send off for their friend/relative/colleague.

All I can say to you and others who have had to cancel major events, is I hope when COVID19 is banished, that you are all able to salvage something from the mess. I can actually see, once the social restrictions on interaction are lifted, a brief, but explosive boom in demand for such services as all of that priceless face time gets caught up on.

But for now, as we tread through some of the grimmest times in memory, beating COVID19 is the only thing to do.


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