N.Z. in lock down: DAY 3

Yesterday was DAY 3 of New Zealand in lock down as we try to beat the COVID19 pandemic.

Last night I was wondering what the Police would be doing with themselves. Friday and Saturday nights are normally among their busiest nights of the week as they deal with drunks, fights, assaults, disorderly behaviour – all the usual problems that go with drinking alcohol. With all of the bars, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, take away shops, fast food places and so forth shuttered until sometime in late April at the earliest, I am sure they will be looking forward to an associated drop in alcohol fuelled crime in the usual hot spots.

I am however certain that a couple weeks from now, with any novelty that might have existed at the start of this lock down having thoroughly worn off, that there will probably be an increase in cases of Police being called to people’s homes. There will be an unfortunate few whose ability to control themselves and not lash out at their spouses, at their kids will be fracturing. No doubt there will also be more tense moments where normal debates become full blown arguments.

At home it was pretty quiet yesterday. A cold and overcast sky with a brisk southwesterly wind pushing the along the odd shower along meant that it was Christchurch’s first truly indoors kind of day in the COVID19 lock down. I cleaned out my wardrobe – or at least tried before realizing the extent of a previous attempt was much more comprehensive than I remembered it being and there was actually very little to do. For fun, and just as a way of help away the time, I have also started an Excel spreadsheet recording the daily statistics from the Ministry of Health COVID19 update.

I continued my exercise, albeit taking a shorter route and being out for about 25-30 minutes, as opposed to about 70 minutes on Thursday. Despite the colder weather, I saw more people out for exercise than I did moving cars. I believe that as long as people maintain the 2 metre spacing between themselves and others, go by themselves or with their “bubble” – whoever is living with you – without stopping to talk to anyone, it is quite okay to walk, jog, run, bike.

In the next day or so I will finish my assignment for University. I will also do my first study in nearly 2 weeks, having had most of the last fortnight upended like everyone else by a combination of COVID19 announcements and stressful days at work.

1 thought on “N.Z. in lock down: DAY 3

  1. Hi Robert, Great to see that you are continuing your blog and that you are turning it into a sort of a diary. I enjoy reading what you have to say.
    I have been reading on FB about how full the rental car yard that you work for is full to the brim – that must be an alarming experience..
    Are you in a ‘bubble’ with your parents?
    My bubble is solitary, but to tell you the truth it is not much different at home because Graham has been gone now for 4 years and I am used to my own company.
    My son is a policeman and he together with 2 others is coordinating the C-19 responses. Police are human and have wives and children too, and they have mothers who worry about them at work. They are not using masks as there are not enough for the health services let alone them. I just hope that policemen and women don’t have to deal with unruly infected people, but that it a vain hope. And the police also have to have contingency plans for their deployment if lots of them get sick – that is a scary thought aye.


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