N.Z. in lock down: DAY 7

Yesterday was DAY 7 of New Zealand in lock down as we try to fight the COVID19 pandemic.

This is a somewhat shorter post today as much of what I have been thinking about in the past 24 hours has been about setting priorities for the next few weeks. In the last three days at home I have been largely concentrating on my university study and assessments. So, I thought I would give you a students perspective on the shut down.

I was meant to be going to a block course next week on campus at Massey University. Two weeks ago, when the Government imposed restrictions on gatherings of more than 100 people, it was no longer feasible to proceed with a block course for 82 students, plus tutors, plus guest lecturers, the block course was cancelled. Shortly after that departments started moving to on line teaching to minimize the contact and subsequent spread of COVID19. Then before the end of the week, with an announcement of a lock down now a question of when, the assessment schedule started to get pushed back.

By the time Monday last week rolled around, Massey was effectively shut, or shutting. It was really now just a matter of seeing what the Government of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would do. We got our answer on that same day – a 1.PM announcement that New Zealand would be in compulsory lock down from 2359 on Wednesday. For many students though, study was the last things on their minds as they tried to get their domestic lives in order before everything except essential services stopped working.

In two chaotic weeks, Massey had gone – and I suspect other universities were the same – from functioning near normally to completely closing its campus, moving everything on line and cancelling exams in favour of other assessment methods. The two weeks in which thousands of students had not got much study done and in which class conversations had switched from course material to COVID19, were written off by the University and everything put back two weeks.

At this stage no one knows what Second Semester will look like.

1 thought on “N.Z. in lock down: DAY 7

  1. I took myself back to Uni to keep myself ‘active’ as my work from home computer fixit business contracts due to the service model becoming rather redundant. Walking to the bus stop, catching the bus to the City, walking to the lecture theatre, and all the way home again gave me plenty of activity both physical and mental.
    The activity is not all gone as although the physical stuff is no longer allowed because of the Home isolation requested by the government trying to subdue the Covid19 global pandemic, the mental challenge is still there and I am probably spending more time on thr required readings, note taking and essay writing than I woukd normally do, which is a very good thing for the brain.
    My lecturer is doing his lectures with Zoom, My lecturer is doing his lectures with Zoom, recorded and available for a while on Zoom. We dont know how long the recording will be retained for. It is available to download as a mp3 but that is a very large file evidently and too big for the University to retain for the semester evidently – he will ask them if they can manage it for the duration of the semester.
    Today is the tutorial for my tutorial stream- we will see how it goes. The tutor intends to have whole group sessions and smaller discussion groups with report back. It will be interesting to see if she has enough familiarity with the software to manage all that.
    Yesterday I had an hour in Zoom with the Remuera library Korero Māori anake group. It was a lot of fun – thank you NZ Libraries.
    Thank goodness we have the technology to make this happen in this day and age.


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