N.Z. in lock down: DAY 12

Yesterday was DAY 12 of New Zealand in lock down as we try to fight the COVID19 pandemic.

A rather short post today. I spent much of yesterday attending my university block course, which is being delivered on line. It replaces a block segment that was meant to be delivered at Massey University in person but was cancelled when COVID19 escalated in mid March.

We were able to hear from a respected New Zealand economist named Shamubeel Eaqub, who talked to us about an economists, perspective on urban planning. A lady working for Kainga Ora discussed how the organization which is a combination of three housing agencies that merged was trying to deliver the government agenda on affordable housing. Then we heard from the C.E.O. of Community Housing Aotearoa about social housing, the use of financial and legal instruments to enable affordable housing. Another gentleman working for Harrison Grierson who are one of New Zealand’s leading engineering consultancy firms showed a case study that examined housing growth in the rapidly urbanizing south Auckland/Waikato area.

It was great to hear a range of different perspectives on how New Zealand should move forward in terms of urban planning. Several of them mentioned that affordable housing should not take up more than 30% of disposable income in a household. Also noted was a glut of big houses with 4+ bedrooms being built when the market is screaming for smaller dwellings.

With more teaching content to be delivered today and tomorrow, it also admittedly makes it easier for me to decide what my next blog article will be about.



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