N.Z. in lock down: DAY 24

Yesterday was DAY 24 of New Zealand in lock down as we try to fight the COVID19 pandemic.

Every day that the weather is good, at about 1530 hours, I put on my sneakers and go for a walk. It is my time away from the house to get some fresh air into my lungs and see what is going on in the neighbourhood.

Some days if the weather is not so good or I have been busy doing other things and left it too late, I will shorten the walk to a brisk 20 minutes. However most days I am able to walk considerably further and am compiling a map on Google maps of all the routes I have taken. Some of the walks are as long as a 9km round trip.

Whilst I am out walking, I notice that there are a lot of teddy bears in windows, which follows a hashtag thing that has happened on both Facebook and Easter. Being down a right of way where the house is not visible unless one walks up the drive, we haven’t partaken in this, even though I am holding onto a bear that was given to me in hospital 30 years ago for when my brother and his wife are able have a child.

Today when I was walking in a suburb called Bishopdale, I noticed how the grass berms are getting long because council contractors are not mowing them and the council flats do not have storage for that kind of thing. The gutters were full of leaves from the deciduous trees that are shedding their load before winter. The community shopping mall car park across the road was completely deserted. One boy skateboarding in it and a couple of people walk around the fringe.

Many of the shops along the Farrrington Ave frontage are small Ma and Pa businesses that have folded because of the poor economic times we are in. They looked like they had been stripped before lock down started. As I walked along Harewood Road, normally one of the busiest roads in northwest Christchurch, I was taken by the fact that I managed to walk two blocks before a car went past. Normally that could only be done very late at night or early in the morning.

Lock down may end at the end of the four week period that started at 0000 hours 26 March 2020, or it may be extended a bit longer. New Zealand is tracking very well compared to other countries and we still only have 1422 cases, with 11 deaths. New cases are in the low 10’s.

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