N.Z. in lock down: DAYS 45 and 46

Today, the Government will make an announcement that determines the future of the lock down. In doing this, they will indirectly influence the end date for the New Zealand In Lock Down diary, and when the return to normal transmission will resume. For the remainder of lock down the diary will publish every second day.

Below is the entry for DAYS 45 and 46 of New Zealand in lock down as we look to end one of the grimmest peace time periods in New Zealand history.

There has been a distinct positive side to the COVID19 lock down. The enforced time off work, time in our respective bubbles at home has forced many people to get creative with how they spent their time. From trying new things like baking and crafts to working on maintenance jobs around the house, it would be a lie to say COVID19 lock down was all bad.

In our bubble, my father has been steadily knocking off a long list of maintenance jobs around the property, some of which date back decades. They include re-levelling the cobble path from the house to the garage. This is a more recent task that was started last week. Prior to that, joining was put in place where the brick facade of the house meets the roof so that water cannot seep into the house. The underside of the ceiling was given a new coat of paint

I have continued to make use of the lock down period. Whilst my father was busy outside, I got on with my study at a time when I was seriously struggling with my postgraduate paper and wondering if I would have to with draw from it.  Because of this, I have been able to claw my way back into the paper and and feel more confident than I did in March of completing it.

Outside of my study, I have spent anywhere between 30 minutes and 120 minutes a day walking, covering anywhere between 3 kilometres and nearly 12 kilometres. I have been doing two types of walking. You can see from the Google Earth image I have made, how the two types differ:

  • Infill walking – walking the length of a street in both directions by crossing the road just before I reach the end and walking down the other side, and takes considerably longer to do, whilst staying near home
  • Area walking – walking a path that rings in an area on the map, which I might do infill walking in later, which means one will walk considerably further from home than if they did infill walking

It has given me a good chance to look at neighbours and say “Hi” to people whilst passing. I have gone down streets in nearby suburbs that I never knew existed. I have walked through areas with state housing, often in quite run down state and through areas with B.M.W. cars and flash four bedroom houses with electric gates, beautiful gardens, swimming pools and even tennis courts. I have been to dairies and service stations I have not been to in the past. It is also deceptive in terms of how far I have walked. Take a guess at how far I have walked. Then take a second guess based on the first at how far you think I might walk if I am out for say 90 minutes a day at a steady pace by the time lock down ends.

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